Street Theatre Project

Gritty Productions in association with Wales National Theatre are running a pilot street theatre project a Zac’s Place this week.
 Stories from the street community, working with actors devising material for a presentation this Friday – small ideas that we hope will develop into a bigger platform. Wonderful to see the creativity out of chaos.

On the road dates

Sean will be returning to his home town of Reading on Monday 23 June to speak at an evening event hosted by Sindlesham Baptist Church.
 He’ll be sharing stories from the road accumulated over the past 25 years to hopefully encourage and challenge people what it means to follow Jesus on the margins.
 Sindlesham is a special place to return to, as it was one of the first church communities in Berkshire that understood, embraced and encouraged Sean in ministry.

 The day before, Sun 22 June, Sean will also be speaking at both morning services at Parklands Church in Sketty Park, Swansea.