Audio & Video

Here’s some selected Video and Audio Clips that either feature Zac’s Place and / or contributions from Sean Stillman starting with the official trailer for the book,  God’s Biker, published by SPCK in 2018.

Sean Stillman was interviewed by Canon J.John for his ‘Facing the Canon’ TV series, broadcast in May 2022. Here’s the full interview. Check out J. John’s social media pages for the response and discussion that followed.

Premier Radio Interview with Mal Pope, January 2022 – Listen Here – An honest and frank conversation and one of the first times Sean speaks openly about his Parkinson’s diagnosis.

Reflection – The Good Samaritan, filmed for Fresh Expressions, 2011

Who’s Zac? – Filmed for HTV Wales in 2001 as part of a five programme series ‘Zac’s Place’ – See the other four short devotionals and other clips, on the same You Tube channel as this one.

UCB RADIO INTERVIEW WITH SEAN, August 2019. Sean talks with Paul Hammond on his ‘Life Issues’ programme.