A Video Update From Zac’s Place

Like so many places, Zac’s Place has had to temporarily close its doors as the Covid-19 pandemic impacts our city. Sean Stillman explains what has been going on in recent weeks to see people supported in the city, especially those who rely on us and others like us, to get through each day. He goes on to explain how you can get involved in volunteering in Swansea during these days, and where you can get support. Sean also brings a refection from Mark’s Gospel and Singer Songwriter Phil James closes with a moving hymn, singing in both Welsh & English. The old red door may be temporarily closed, but the work still goes on. #SwanseaTogether

Zac’s Place is mission church and initiative of Exousia Trust, Registered Charity 1002581 http://www.zacsplace.org

Links referenced in this video also include:

Swansea Council LAC https://www.swansea.gov.uk/coronaviru…

SCVS volunteering info: https://www.scvs.org.uk/coronavirus-vols

Swansea Together – Tackling Coronavirus: https://www.facebook.com/SwanseaToget…

Phil James: http://www.phil-james-music.com/