Sean Stillman

Sean works in Christian ministry primarily among those many consider to be far removed from many church cultures. Much of Sean’s work has been among fringe groups including biker communities and associated groups, where he has operated in both a missional and a chaplaincy role – a role which has been hard earned over many years and many miles on the road.

His work has also given him opportunities of speaking in mission gatherings, prisons, a wide variety of mainstream churches throughout the UK and overseas and a host of other contexts. He was a regular contributor at Spring Harvest for many years and has previously been an associate of Youth For Christ and a supported missionary of Baptist churches in his hometown of Reading and also Swansea.Sean has also been an Associate Missioner for Fresh Expressions. Aspects of his work has been widely covered in the press over the years, including ‘The Guardian’, ‘The Independent’, BBC1, CH4, Scottish TV, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Wales and he has worked in conjunction with HTV on a TV series.

Having been in Christian ministry since 1988, he was ordained in November 2002, by Rev. Dr. John Smith & the Leadership of St. Martins, in Melbourne, Australia, with whom he and Exousia Trust have had a long association.

Sean is perhaps most familiar for founding and leading a pioneering church community in Swansea in 1998, called ‘Zac’s Place’ which continues to be an effective mission and discipleship based community of faith on the fringes among many marginalised people, with a chaotic but precious cocktail of bible teaching, the arts and service of the poor.

He is also the founding President of the UK chapter, (1995), of God’s Squad Christian Motorcycle Club, (the first in Europe), which ministers primarily among motorcycle clubs and was established in Australia in the late 60s and early 70s where it is still thriving. Sean also served as International Vice-President having also previously been the club’s founding European President and remains active in the South Wales chapter. In 2019 he was appointed at God’s Squad International President.

In 2014 Sean established Rough Edges in Swansea. This is a social enterprise including a ‘charity shop for blokes’ and workshop in support of Zac’s Place.

In 2020 Sean was awarded a distinction for his MA  in Applied Theology, from Moorlands College, (University of Gloucestershire), with an emphasis on developing leadership. His dissertation, ‘Zac’s Place: Critically Examining a Fresh Expression of Church for Signs of a Renewal Movement’, is currently being prepared for wider publication.

Sean’s first book, ‘God’s Biker: Motorcycles & Misfits’ was published by SPCK in Sept 2018. (See video below)

He is also an occasional broadcaster on BBC Radio Wales, currently bringing the ‘Wednesday Word’ on the afternoon show, hosted by Behnaz Akhgar and contributing to various religious and ethics programmes.

Sean received the 2020 Wales Online/South Wales Evening Post ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Award for his grass roots community work.

Sean is originally from Reading, Berkshire but has lived in South Wales for many years with his wife and four children.

“Sean embraces a desire to go the margins of the culture, not only to convert, but to nurture and establish seekers in loving care and real community. During my many visits I have observed a pastoral heart in action many times. The depth of response to Sean’s pastoral care and genuine Christ-like friendship from many who are alienated from the church is truly remarkable”   Rev. Dr. John Smith, Melbourne, Australia