Exousia Trust and the associated ministries, including Zac’s Place, are funded almost entirely by donations from individuals, churches and community groups. Many of our individual supporters do so on a regular basis via standing order and also using gift aid.

If you would like to support us in this way then please get in touch via the contact page and we will supply all the details you need, including Gift Aid forms. We no longer publicise the account details due to the high risk of charity accounts being used fraudulently.

Cheques however, made payable to ‘Exousia Trust’ can be mailed to us at Zac’s Place

 You can also donate via Just Giving at the following link, where there are also options for regular giving and setting up sponsor pages:
Donate with JustGiving

You can also donate via eBay by selecting us as your charity when you sell an item and you can choose what percentage of the sale is donated.

Want to donate clothes, food or sundries?  See our page for that info here!

Want to donate time & volunteer?  See our page here!

Exousia Trust is a Registered Charity in GB

Thank You For Your Support

For some people Zac’s Place is the only safe haven in their lives. Here they find help, the love and support of others and, importantly, acceptance of who they are and the life that they are leading. It may not seem much, but for many, it is a lifeline.”
Janet Keauffling, Nurse for the Homeless and Vulnerable Adults.