Donate Items

“Can we donate clothes? Do you want old furniture? Can we give you some food or other items? When Can I drop stuff off?”

Due to present covid arrangements and limited storage, at this moment in time the only donations we are seeking is new underwear, new socks or vouchers for food/coffee/toiletry/clothes outlets. The information below is not applicable at this time. Thank you for your understanding.  These can be dropped off at Zac’s Place, by knocking the red ‘corner door’ on either Thursdays or Fridays between 1-1.30pm. No other items can be accepted at this time due to our covid-safe procedures in place and limited storage. Thank you. (Updated 14.12.20)

These are are quite regular questions that we get asked. Before contacting us, please have a read through this page which will hopefully provide the initial information you are looking for.

Can we donate clothes?

We are happy to receive suitable items of clothing if it is on this list below. Due to a recent downturn in the market for ‘rags’, it is no longer cost effective for us just to take anything. In fact, it can cost us money to dispose of unsuitable items rather than cash unsuitable items in. Please see the list below of items that we distribute to those in crisis. If it seems like we are being fussy, we need to be, as storage space is limited and experience tells us what we use a lot of. Please contact us first before bringing a large number of items down, as we may need to arrange for them to go to an additional store, many thanks.


  • Jeans, Joggers,Cargo & lightweight waterproof trousers sizes 34″ waist and below
  • Fleeces, Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Hoodies, Jumpers size XL and below
  • New underwear, including thermals, socks
  • Shoes, Trainers, boots – (waterproof) – without holes and horrible smells and in serviceable condition.
  • Warm waterproof coats and jackets with zips that work.
  • Fleece hats / beanies and gloves


  • Jeans, Joggers, Cargo, Leggins & lightweight waterproof trousers sizes 6 – 14
  • Hoodies, Fleeces, Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, vest tops,  sizes 6 – 14
  • New underwear, including thermals in winter, socks
  • Warm waterproof coats with zips that work, warm hats and gloves
  • Shoes, Trainers, boots – (waterproof) – without holes and horrible smells and in serviceable condition. No or low heals only.

General items

  • Sleeping bags & Blankets (unsoiled) – * NO DUVETS, NO PILLOWS, NO BEDDING *
  • Small rucksacks and holdalls – NO SUITCASES
  • Small pots of vaseline (footcare), new toiletries – tooth paste, tooth brushes, deodorant.

Do You Want Old Furniture?

No thank you. We do not have room to store furniture. Please contact the furniture recycling projects and charity shops locally who can sometimes also offer collection services. We would highly recommend our friends at Caer Las Furniture Scheme. Our own Rough Edges project will take shed and workshop items – please see those sites for further info.

What Food & Sundry Items Can We Donate? – Non perishable items please with at least six months date remaining.

  • Tins of veg, meat, soup, fruit with ring pulls preferably – savoury and sweet
  • Cereal bars
  • Fruit juice cartons
  • Just add hot water snacks like noodles and pasta
  • For in-house use at Zac’s Place, items such as coffee, sugar, long life milk, biscuits and also sundries like anti-bac spray, dishwasher tablets, toilet rolls, kitchen towels, washing up liquid, floor cleaner are all very useful.
  • NO short date food unannounced/without prior arrangement thank you. Invariably it will need to be discarded which may cost us disposal charges . NO out of date fresh food, sorry.

When Can We Drop Stuff Off?

The best time to drop items in is the following:

  • After our Thursday evening coffee bar at about 8.30pm on Thursdays (except in August).
  • After our Tuesday evening Tribal Gathering – between 9.15 – 10pm.

You will find us in George Street, Swansea, SA1 4HH.
Use the red corner door on the left as you look at the venue.

As a rule we generally are not able to collect items. If you have a large number of items to bring down please contact us first to make sure we have enough storage – please email us here – 

Thanks for your support and understanding. We hope this page gives you enough information to know how best to support us in this way. Please consider carefully what you donate. What we have to discard because it is soiled or not suitable costs us money to dispose of. 

Want to donate cash or fundraise? Please see our link here.