A Communal Psalm for the Outcast

Every now and then as a church community, we write a communal Psalm. At our Tuesday night Tribal Gatherings we have just completed a series of bible studies around the theme of ‘Jesus, friend of the outcast & marginalised’. The following prayer laments, listens, seeks and reflects on the stories shared together and is the combined contribution of the diverse church community at Zac’s Place. Liz Hinds edited it to give it some structure, but the words are from everyone…. enjoy!
 A song for the outcasts, the lost and the lonely
 Walk with me, talk with me.
 In my life I have experienced everything you feel.
 I know what it’s like
 To be judged and found unworthy.
 To be insulted and reviled because we’re different.
 To be looked down upon and rejected.
 To be isolated and invisible.
 Vulnerable and violated.
 To be blamed and shamed.
 A little, ugly, unloved, failure,
 Abandoned and forgotten.
 Humiliated and frightened.
 Rejected and ignored.
 Screw you society!
 Who are you to judge?
 Look first at yourself.
 For you and me, we are all the same: one in Christ.
 One day you will be the outcast, you will be hurt
 Because hate leads to blindness.
 Have you never made a mistake?
 God is good; he listens.
 (But he doesn’t answer, does he?)
 If you haven’t walked a day in my flip flops
 Don’t slander me.
 I will not be talked about like some dirty renegade.
 I will not believe your lies.
 You have heard this before, I know, but believe you are loved.
 You are of worth, special and accepted.
 Don’t be afraid, you are not alone;
 I see you; I am with you.
 Don’t let your anger separate you from my love.
 I have a plan for your life.
 A plan without condemnation.
 A plan to give you hope.
 You are lost but you are found.
 Come sit, eat with me.
 I will walk in your flip flops.
 Thank you for those who have given.
 Thank you for those you have given.
 Thank you for the shining light of hope in my darkness.
 With you I am strong.
 You are my safe place.
 May 2019, Zac’s Place.