Zac’s Place

Zac’s Place began in the Autumn of 1998 as ‘Zac’s Place – Church in a Pub?’, in Swansea, South Wales (UK). The question mark was very important, as at the time we really didn’t know what if anything it would develop in to. These days a more accurate description is ‘Zac’s Place – A Church for Ragamuffins!’. The question mark has gone, but even as a functioning mission church and community of faith has developed, the questions remain amid the harsh reality of working out faith in a messy world. Zac’s Place continues to attract the walking wounded, spiritual refugees and truth seekers from across the social spectrum. Chaos and disorder sit alongside community and grace in an environment that sometimes resembles an AA meeting mixed with a casualty department. Out of this unlikely mix, tender acts of mercy emerge from the most unlikely places.

It is impossible to describe what Zac’s Place ‘is’ in a few words. It’s a church, it’s a community, it’s a beacon of hope, it’s a chaotic mix of Christian discipleship, sitting alongside the marginalised. Mother Teresa of used to say, referencing the poor, “Jesus turns up in the most distressing disguises.” That is a sentiment we would wholeheartedly endorse.For further info and a whole host of info on gatherings, support, media and links please navigate through the different pages on the site. Thanks for your interest!web-banner-zacs
“To be honest I was so off my face during that period of my life……? One thing that I will never forget is that it is where I first found Christ. Not in a head knowledge way but in a deep, heart knowledge. It was the first place I found God’s unconditional love, acceptance and grace in action. Not people talking it but people living it. Authentic faith and deeds in action.” Mark B

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