Music & The Arts


Zac’s Place has a rich history in the arts, live music particularly. We’re passionate about the role of an artist – it can be the artist who reflects what they see and sense in the world: giving us additional tools to explore our questions and the wake up call to stir our consciences to action.

On this page you will find some video clips of some of the songwriters who have shared the journey with us – maybe the pub gigs, festival stages, TV Shows or at our own venue. There’s also links to other recording artists we have had the pleasure of sharing good times with. There’s images from our ‘Beatitudes’ Art Commission and links to the contributing artists plus other friends who’s work we deeply appreciate and have benefited from.

Over the years live music has been an important part of the Zac’s story. Whether it be our regular Sunday night pub gigs in the early days, festival stages or tv programmes. Local emerging artists learning their craft sharing stages with the likes of Martyn Joseph , Glen Kaiser & Mike Peters have been wonderful times. Other guests like Rick Elias, Sammy Horner, ATF, Bryn Haworth and Barry McGuire have brought much more than a ‘few songs’ on their visits.

Our final gig before we decommissioned the main hall for renovation work was a fundraiser for Zac’s Place by Martyn Joseph’s ‘Let Yourself Trust’ and featured veteran music broadcaster ‘Whispering’ Bob Harris, who said of the night, “… it really was a fabulous night … honestly, it was one of the best gigs ever for me, I loved it … the atmosphere that night was incredible, I always wish the best for Zac’s Place and the great work they’re doing there.” 

Our Beatitudes art commission has brought several innovative artists working in different mediums together on an exciting project. The pivotal words of Jesus are dramatically presented by Steve Spicer, Tony Jones, Stewart Henderson, Bev Gough, Tina Cooze, Yidinji and Bill Taylor Beales. This commission of eight pieces of work will be available for exhibiting in galleries, churches, prisons and other spaces from Autumn 2016. Please contact us for more information including costs and transportation.

Zac’s Place has often been a comfortable space for artists to interact. None more so than at a retreat we held in 2010 with John Smith guesting. Many years after his words first impacted the likes of Bono, John’s reflections on ‘the arts being the nerve ends of a culture’ continue to endorse, affirm, encourage and challenge artists.

The following message of John’s based on Acts 17 and recorded at Zac’s in 2010, is well worth a listen – the place for the arts is a significant part of the message.

Please take some time to explore the links – if not now, the revisit when you do! Thanks for your interest.